Online and Offline Satellite Navigation and Tracking

We provide satellite aided location services on our own platfrom.

Using your phone or one of our state of the art gadgets, you can;

Track the whereabouts of your child at all times or pre-set intervals For example you can know when they leave home, when the arrive at school, which roads they use, when they return home, where they go for a school vist, how fast they are driven, where they have gone to hangout with friends, plus a lot more.


Track the location of your personal car or an entire fleet.

Track your employees especially the marketing and field teams.

Track your assets, machinery and goods in transit. From matoooke, milk, sugar and many more.

Better still you can experience satellite tracking by turning your mobile phone into a satellite tracker free of charge for a week using our platfrom.

Visit our Satellite Tracking section for more details including details on free trials.


For offline satellite navigation, we turn your mobile phone or compatible device into a fully fledged satellite naviator. You will be able to find directions without the need for internet connection, discover new shortcuts, measure distances, voice aided navigation aids, Night vision, search for address, nearby petrol stations, hotels and eating joints and a lot more. No need for Internet connection. Countrywide coverage.
Never get lost in places you are not familiar with.
Navigate like pilots do.

Find places by cordinates.

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